Welcome to Hammer Fitness and Boxing in the heart of Old Town and Lincoln Park.
Owners Johnny Higgins and Sean Block have put together a unique program that offers  strength and conditioning, boxing , and kickboxing . First floor is designed for strength and condition with a lounge area and lock rooms with all the amenities one would need. The second floor is boxing, capable of holding 15+ participants in one class. It's equipped with a boxing ring and a full array of heavy bags, speed bags, uppercut bags, double ended bags,and slip bags.

We specialize in one-on-one, semi private, and group classes in both strength training and professional boxing and kickboxing. No matter what your goals are HFB staff are more than qualified to get you on the path to getting fit safely and effectively. We our finatics when it comes to proper form and technique and each program is tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Our programs our designed to keep your heart rate elevated throughout your
entire lesson. Whether it's 3 minutes doing bag work or circuit training with some of the best trainers and coaches in Chicago. 

The boxing program is ran by co-owner Johnny "The Hammer" Higgins (retired Professional Boxer). In my opinion "there's no one I have me that has the passion for the sport and the ability to pass along his knowledge to his clients and staff"

Sean Block

Hammer Fitness and Boxing would like to extend a free lesson in Personal Training and Boxing.

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Group classes offered: Strength/Conditioning, Boxing Adult/Youth, and Kickboxing. 

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