Hammer Fitness & Boxing is located in the heart of Old Town and Lincoln Park. Owners Johnny Higgins and Sean Block have built a unique experience with two separate workout spaces: one for strength and conditioning, and the other for boxing.

The Strength and Conditioning program is led by Sean Block. With 25+ years of experience, Sean leads a HFB staff of passionate, knowledgeable trainers. Whichever strength and conditioning routine you choose, you can rest assured that your program will be forever changing and evolving towards your fitness needs and goals.



Retired Professional Boxer Johnny "The Hammer" Higgins' program is based on his knowledge and experience from 20+ years in and out of the ring. Get in amazing shape with private lessons or fast-paced group boxing classes, available six days a week in early AM and PM. Johnny and his staff have made HFB's boxing program rigorous and challenging while still keeping it fun, teaching you how to throw a hook, and hit the heavy bag for 3 minute rounds. If you are looking to learn the true art of boxing, then look no further.

Hammer Fitness and Boxing would like to extend a FREE Group Boxing lesson. (Please note we do not accept any other discounts or coupons once you have received your free boxing lesson).

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