Whether you’re looking to shred body fat, increase muscle definition, learn self-defense or just get in shape, all of this can be achieved through Hammer Fitness.


Sean Block

If you desire strength and conditioning, our Personal Trainers are highly trained and educated. Each program is designed around your specific needs and goals, always improving your form, technique, posture, stability, and core strength.


Johnny “the Hammer” Higgins

No matter which Hammer Boxing program you choose group or private, rest assured you’re going to learn to throw combinations safely and effectively. This will be achieved through rounds of target mitts in the ring with instructor, pounding away on the heavy bag, speed combos on the uppercut bag, and agility and stamina drills.

Check out our group class schedule with classes six days a week, or set-up one-on-one lessons with one of our expert boxing trainers.

HOLIDAY HOURS: The gym will be closed Wed 11/21 - Saturday 11/24 for the Thanksgiving Holiday, with the exception of Adult Boxing Class Saturday at 10am. This class is still on!

HAMMER 30/30 METHOD coming soon!

Separated by two floors and two different instructors, you will endure 30 minutes of Boxing and 30 minutes of Strength and Conditioning. Each hour will contain exercises for all skill levels and ages. The programs consist of multiple circuits, making no private lesson or group class ever the same. Your reps, sets, weight, and routines will change on a monthly basis. This will ensure you’re hitting every muscle fiber (Red/White or Fast Twitch/Slow Twitch), as well as ensuring that your body doesn’t platea —when body stops producing results because one keeps doing the same routine over and over.

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