Sean has taken my full body strength to levels that I didn’t know were possible, I’m constantly breaking through old barriers I didn’t think were reachable. My one regret is not learning how to train like this during my competitive playing days in high school and college, I can’t imagine how much of a better basketball player I would have been. The best part of working with Sean is the constant laughter and humor he creates while still pushing me when need be, it makes the workouts fly by and keeps me looking forward to the next.
— J.J., Senior Vice President Fixed Income Sales

Been attending group boxing lessons with Johnny for ~8 months. Well-balanced between cardio, technique, and strength, overall an intense and satisfying workout guaranteed. Best aspect of this gym is by far the people; very friendly and motivated group, with Johnny leading as a tough and energizing trainer.
— Kevin S.
Sean is a great trainer in many ways. Most importantly for me, he REALLY listens to me about my personal fitness goals and is helping me to achieve those goals. After a few years out of the gym, I felt flabby and weak. It is important to me to be strong and healthy as I age, but I didn’t want a trainer to “beat me up” or push me too hard. Sean’s been fabulous about getting me started in a very comfortable way. I’m gaining strength, muscle tone and balance without any injuries or pain. Sean is a positive influence, he’s encouraging and has great advice on diet and exercise. As a busy professional, taking time to work out with Sean has been a wonderful way to unwind and get my head out of the office. I highly recommend Sean!
— Linda, Senior Account Executive

Blockhead Fitness* is one of the best places I have worked out! I take the boxing class and Johnny is one of the nicest, toughest coaches I know! He makes sure he is showing you the correct technique and will work with you until you get comfortable with it. All of the people in the classes are friendly and helpful. Some have been there for years and others just pop in and out but none of them are intimidating! I get the 10 class punch card which allows me to go when I can! If you’re looking for a fun way to burn a thousand calories and get a total body workout without being bored try boxing! Fastest hour of my life!
— Taylor Wilson
Blockhead Fitness* has provided an alternative to the lackluster routine of going to a regular gym. I began boxing at Blockhead Fitness with Johnny Higgins last year. It was one of the best decisions I made. Boxing at Blockhead provided an avenue for me to get my necessary exercise but also became a partner in working with me to achieve my weight loss goals. Blockhead has also been a great resource for my son. My son needed an outlet for physical stimulation outside of school that would help him learn discipline in a safe and fun atmosphere. After trying Blockhead for myself, I signed my son up for youth boxing. He loves it! It is often the highlight of his week. I appreciate Sean, Johnny and Blockhead Fitness and look forward to our continued relationship.
— Stephanie Jones

*In 2018, Blockhead Fitness became Hammer Fitness & Boxing.